Currently, I study systematics, niches, and biogeography of a paleotropical woody plant group Memecylon (Melastomataceae). In the current research project, I focus on the molecular phylogeny of Memecylon in both global-scale and fine-scale.

A large part of my research is focused on Memecylon that exists in Sri Lanka, India, Southeast Asia, Australia and Papua New Guinea and my research includes state-of-the-art phylogenomics and large scale analyses using bioinformatics. In addition, I study morphology, anatomy, and niche in Memecylon and reconstruct morphological character evolution and niche evolution. With that, I intend to explore the drivers of diversification of Memecylon in different floristic regions. As a fine-scale study, I investigate a Memecylon species-complex in South Africa with a major focus on its phylogeny, phylogeography and niche evolution. 

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